3G Signature Paint Set: US Colors - Adam Wilder

18x 17 ml bottles
Referens: AK11763
Adam Wilder is currently recognized as one of the world’s most talented painters of military vehicles.

This signature set from AK Interactive includes a selection of 18 colors considered by Adam essential for painting a wide variety of WWII and modern military vehicles using the best acrylic paint on the market. His selection includes colors for painting the base coats, tools, and running gear along with the crew.

This kit includes Adam’s own personal mixes but the wide range of colors enclosed allows you to easily mix your own various tones in order to give each vehicle a unique appearance.
The set contains:

AK11334 Olive drab base
AK11339 Olive drab FS30070
AK11346 Forest Green
AK11153 USMC Forest Green
AK11345 APC Interior Light Green
AK11335 Nº1 Light Green
AK11336 Nº5 Earth Brown
AK11027 Rubber Black
AK11115 Wood Base (Light Earth)
AK11212 Gun Metal
AK11422 Ochre Khaki
AK11435 US Field Drab
AK11156 US Dark Green
AK11151 Brownish Green
AK11434 Red Brown
AK11436 Canvas Tone
AK11402 Light Flesh
AK11403 Highlight Flesh
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