Welcome to Alphaspel!
We offer one of Scandinavias widest range of board games, card games, miniatures & RPGs with lots of accessories and over 30 000 different items in stock! Our store is located in Stockholm (Sweden). We primarily ship domestically, but also send internationally. All prices are shown including Swedish VAT (25% or 6% for different products). Other taxes & custom fees may incur (ask your local custom office for more details).

Our webshop is currently only available in Swedish and can only calculate shipping costs for sending packages internationally for some countries. If a shipping cost does not appear atomatically during checkout, please send an e-mail to info@alphaspel.se to confirm shipping costs (see below for examples). We have also provided a step by step guide to register an account and placing an order further down on this page.


Do not place an international order with us before confirming shipping fee and that the items are in stock!

International shipping
Shipping internationally from Sweden is unfortunately rather expensive.

We do not offer refunds for uninsured international deliveries that are lost in transit.

Please note that certain bulky items such as gaming mats & crokinole boards can't be sent internationally due to absurd shipping costs, don't even ask for quotes on those items.

We offer a flat shipping rate to the following countries:

Denmark, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg:

130 SEK insured delivery & tracking (DHL)
Free shipping for orders over 3000 SEK

Sadly we don't ship to Norway right now. We can however ship to DHL Service Points on the Swedish side of the border. For example:
- Eurocash Handelsparken, Linudden 3, 670 10 Töcksfors
- Eurocash Svinesund, Skogar 8, 452 71 Strömstad
- Strömstads Galleria Supergott, Olsov. 54, 452 35 Strömstad
- Coop Konsum Storlien, Vintergatan 4, 83799 Storlien

Use your own name and the address of the servicepoint as your own address as delivery address. If someone else will do the pickup for you that persons name should be the only name on the package.

UK: 350 SEK insured delivery & tracking (UPS)

Ireland: 350 SEK insured delivery & tracking (UPS)


To all other countries we calculate shipping depending on weight and size of package.

Examples of shipping costs:

Rest of Europe (excluding certain remote areas)
<0,5 kg: 130 SEK uninsured delivery
<1 kg: 160 SEK uninsured delivery
<2 kg: 230 SEK uninsured delivery
95 SEK extra for insured delivery & tracking

2-5 kg: 250-550 SEK insured delivery & tracking
5-10 kg: 275-600 SEK insured delivery & tracking

Outside of Europe:
<0,5 kg: 130 SEK uninsured delivery
<1 kg: 200 SEK uninsured delivery
<2 kg: 280 SEK uninsured delivery
95 SEK extra for insured delivery
>2 kg: 700-1000 SEK insured delivery & tracking

We accept payment with VISA/Mastercard for international customers. Please note that your card needs to have a Verification by VISA/Mastersecure code for this option to work. You can also prepay to our bank account.

Registering an account
When you register an account with us you will be asked to fill in your details. Here are some translations to help out: förnamn (first name), efternamn (surname), adress (address), lösenord (password), lösenordsbekräftelse (confirm password), land (country), postnummer (postal code), postort (city), mobil (mobile phone). Finally the most difficult one to fill in is personnummer, which roughly translates to social security number. Instead of entering your personnummer, fill in your birthday in the format of "YYYYMMDD-0000". A person born on the 5:th of November 1983 would for example enter "19831105-0000". When you have entered all the information press the button "Registera" to register your account

Placing an order
Our website only calculates international shipping costs to countries we offer a fixed shipping rate (countries in central and northern Europe mentioned above), all shipping fees to other countries need to be added manually when placing an order. To do this, first send an e-mail to info@alphaspel.se to ask for a shipping quote for the items you want to purchase. Once you have the shipping quote, please add the shipping cost manually by searching for a product in the system (search for "shipping" among the products to get all available options). If you want the delivery to be insured, also add a product called "Insured shipping".

1. Confirm items to purchase
Once you have added the items you are interested in and the international shipping fee (+ insurance if you want) you can proceed to checkout by pressing on the shopping cart icon.

2. Choose address (Leveransadress)
Below your items in the shopping basket will be a box with the "Leveransadress" (Delivery Address). Make sure sure the address filled in is correct, otherwise press "Ändra" to edit the address.

3. Select delivery method (Fraktsätt)
Choose "International order", or "Delivery to xxx" (where xxx = your country).

4. Select payment method (Betalsätt)
You can either choose:

a) Kortbetalning On-line:
Select to pay with your credit card on-line (only VISA & Mastercard). Please note that your card may need to have a Verification by VISA/Mastersecure code for this option to work.

b) Förskottsbetalning:
Prepay to our bank account
IBAN: SE80 8000 0832 7993 4666 7083
After selecting payment method, press "Gå vidare" to proceed.

5. Confirm order
Check that all details are correct and press "Skicka order" to confirm your order.
You may also write a message about the order in the box above.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Contact info:
Telephone: +46 (0)8 645 10 10
e-mail: info@alphaspel.se

Mail & visiting address:
Hobbyisterna AB
Sparbanksvägen 14
129 32 Hägersten

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