3G Signature Paint Set: Jose Davinci

18x 17 ml bottles
Referens: AK11757
José David “Josedavinci” is one of the most talented painters nowadays, with an unstoppable career since he began as a professional painter in 2017.

In addition to making box arts for major brands, he is an excellent communicator and has become a reference for all hobbyists who follow his social networks or participate in his courses.

This special author set includes a personal selection of the 18 colors considered indispensable to paint a wide variety of miniatures with the best acrylic paint.


This set contains:

AK11004 Ivory
AK11029 Black
AK11036 Ice Yellow
AK11042  Volcanic Yellow
AK11048 Laser Yellow
AK11055 Sunny Skin Tone
AK11062 Old Rose
AK11075 Violet Red
AK11080 Deep Orange
AK11087 Scarlet Red
AK11096 Wine Red
AK11098 Black Red
AK11102 Deep Brown
AK11113 Chocolate (Chipping)
AK11119 Cork
AK11142 Deep Green
AK11167 Anthracite Grey
AK11182 Deep Blue
465 kr
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