Escape the Dark Castle: The Collector's Box

Antal spelare: 1 - 4
Speltid: 45 minuter
Rekommenderad ålder: från 14 år
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Referens: TBL014

Storage solution, with bonus expansion inside.

With its sturdy, matte black box and minimal spot UV detailing, the imposing exterior of the Collector’s Box hides an elegant storage system within. Now you can store every item in your Escape the Dark Castle collection in one box with ease. The custom insert lets you organise your cards by set, type, or however you see fit, by simply sliding them into the rows of dedicated card slots – sleeved or unsleeved. Space is included to hold the entire collection, including all rulebooks, scorepads, pencils, books and playmats - with a little extra space set aside for future expansion.

The Collector's Box comes with a bonus expansion inside, including: 

6 New Boss Cards
An array of powerful new foes, each with a unique and devious mechanic

12 Character Flaw Cards
Incarceration has changed the prisoners for the worse, but can their flaws help them overcome the evil they are about to face?

4 Death Dice
Used to make combat even tougher for those seeking a greater challenge.

2 New Start Cards
Now you’ll never know exactly how your adventure will begin.

2 Epilogue Cards
Whether you escape or not, get complete narrative closure to every quest.

1 New Relic & Die
The Living Stone, giving prisoners a chance at resurrection when all seems lost.

4 Health Trackers with metal Skull Markers
An optional alternative to the scorepad & pencil system.

1 Dice Bag
Store all the game’s beautiful dice in one satisfying pouch.

1 Metal “YOU” Token
Used to help keep track of which prisoner is taking the lead each chapter.

4 Rules Reminder Charts 
A handy reference to help new players remember what everything means.

Does not include Escape the Dark Castle main game, or any of the Adventure Pack expansions.

A copy of Escape the Dark Castle is required to use this expansion.

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