Mörk Borg: Treasures Of The Troll King (Limited Alt Cover)

Tillverkare: Stockholm Kartell + 3rd party
Referens: MB-TOTTK-LTD
    Galgenbeck is palimpsest. Tumour. A city built on the ruins of itself. Beneath the sewers the bones of the old city fester.

    The troll-king Niduk was exiled, driven into the depths to rot and die. Now twisted by hatred and rage he oversees the small domain he has carved for himself, in a forgotten chapel to a murdered god.

    Why are you here? A lost bet? A doomed quest for silver? Boredom?

    Does it even matter?

Treasures Of The Troll King is an adventure designed for one- or two-shot play. You’ll need the MÖRK BORG core game to play it, unless you want to convert it to another system. I literally can’t stop you doing that and have very little interest in trying.
279 kr
1 i butiken
5 på postorder

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