Trudvang Chronicles: Muspelheim

Referens: TC010
Sparkling, heavy boulders carry a soil full of mossy rocks and heavy tree trunks whose roots eagerly seek their way into the earth and the mountain to quench their thirst. Black titanic slabs of slate extend their infinite surfaces and rub their strong, rough sides against each other to measure, if possible, their strength, weight, and age with those of the same variety.  Immobile giants patiently wait for time to pass and for the capricious to die away: in fact the shimmering heaps of rocks have all the time in the world.

The time they have been waiting for is just a small breath, a fleeting thought compared to what they would be able to do. The Mountain has time to wait because it knows that one day its fate will take shape, its shape will have a purpose and a new mountain will be born to take its place.

Follow us under the surface of Trudvang, into Muspelheim the realm of the Dwarves. This is an extensive book covering the dark and stony underworld beneath the lands of Humans and Elves.

This sourcebook for Trudvang Chronicles contains:

An in depth description of the Dwarves (the Buratjas, the Borjornikkas and the Zvordas) including hints about the mystery surrounding their births and their legendary mothers, the Norgavaina
General information about the dwarven community
The three pillars of dwarven culture: the Mountain, Futhark and Consanguinity
Tales and legends: read about the great deeds and heroes of the deep
An in depth description of nine Dwarven kingdoms and their territories in the Muspelheim
New rules which expand the Trudvang Chronicles RPG, like new Thuuldom Runes, a system for crafting objects and mechanics for making powerful (and rare) kinds of sacred objects
New archetypes such as: Zvordokûm, Yukkatta, Yurmatrakas and the courageous Volgorong, just to name a few!
New tables with Special and Regional Traits to make each dwarven character unique.
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