Trudvang Chronicles: The Elven Horn

Referens: TC-013
The Elven horn

The Elven Horn is an adventure that can be used in many different ways by a game master. It can be implemented as a part of an ongoing campaign or it can be presented as a completely standalone experience to introduce players to the elves of Trudvang and their homeland, Soj. The Elven Horn is best suited for a group of 3-5 players with quite experienced characters.

About the Adventure

The adventure is split into three different episodes, or acts. The first act and the third act are structured more like a classical adventure with predetermined events that occur in a chronological order. The second act is structured in a more freeform way where the game master rolls two six sided dice to determine what is going to happen in the story. These randomly rolled events are not necessarily connected to the main plot of the adventure. They are a part of the story that rather illustrates the arduous and dangerous journey through the ancient island Ymradas and the perils that a group of adventurers might face there. This random structure of the second act is of course completely optional to a game master. A game master that prefers a more structured and classical story in act two may very well take from the events described as part of a random roll and put them together however he or she sees fit to from a chronological and predetermined chain of events.

The Elven Horn often shifts in terms of mood. The adventure walks a fine line between being epic and being mystical. Different moods inhabit the three acts because the adventure leads the characters through a rather varied set of environments. Each place has its own sense of mood, so to speak. However, what the adventure really does best is to invoke what Trudvang means to all of us, the old norse fairy tales and the deep forests.


Trudvang Chronicles was voted the Most Anticipated RPG of 2017 by ENWorld Readers.
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