Agents of Mayhem: Johnny Gat is Back

Antal spelare: 2 - 4
Speltid: 120 minuter
Rekomenderad ålder: från 13 år
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Referens: AYGAOA1012

The expansion adds 3 new characters to play as for the Mayhem player.

After saving the world in Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell, Johnny Gat is back for more action and incredible campaign story lines! He is joined by friends:

Lazarus, aka, Dynamo, aka, Fatima Daoud

A MAYHEM scount known as Dynamo, was sent to look for city survivors after LEGION's world wide attack on Devil's Night. She was ambushed and cornered in Nano-Gen, an advanced Nanite Particle research facility. A dark matter grenade blew up next to her critically wounding her. As she lay dying on the cold floor, LEGION's mad agent Ariadne injected her with experimental nanites. The nanites rebuilt Dynamo into a merging of woman and machine, the next step along the evolutionary ladder. Presumed dead, she was renamed Lazarus when she returned to MAYHEM.

Lazarus can throw nanite clusters at her foes. These clusters stick to her targets and slowly drain the life from them over time!

Safeword, aka Kinzie Kensington

Kinzie was a most wanted hacker that infiltrated and corrupted the Stock Exchange, CIA bank accounts, and FBI passwords by the age of 14. She was caught, but instead of being imprisoned she agreed to work for the FBI. Kinzie came to the attention of MAYHEM who immediately recruited her.

Kinzie fires off a narrow energy wall that travels quickly in a straight line and passes through walls and cover. Enemies hit by the wall take damage and are stunned, immobilized, or blinded for a turn. She is a perfect weapon on any team of Agents!

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