Trudvang Adventures: Wurmtongue (5E)

Referens: TA5E-004
It is said that the lindwurm Fangshake is the brood of the great Othwehügg and that Fangshake was born in a dark and wet burrow filled with bones and skulls from many heroes. The people in Heorhall have worshipped the lindwurm for more than 160 years and the myth about the great serpent has spread across the country. But now, it’s about to change. Fangshake has started to kill and it’s a time for heroes to stop him.

Wurmtongue is designed for 4-6 level 3 characters. You do not need anything more than this module to enjoy the story, but if you wish to enjoy Trudvang Adventures to the fullest, make sure you get the Trudvang Adventures Hero Companion and Trudvang Adventures Setting Companion.
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