The Dark Eye: Arivor's Doom

Referens: US25304E

Arivor, heart of the Ronda faith, home of the upright Ardarites, home of famous armourers, armourers and noble vine bloods.
Fanfares tell of the great knights' tournament, and crowds of onlookers and rondrafromme pilgrims have flocked to the city. As competitive tournament participants, daring researchers or enthusiastic theatre lovers, your heroes are also in town, bursting at the seams in the midsummer of the year 1039 BF.
Suddenly, however, the incomprehensible breaks over the city and the carefree excursion turns into a fight for bare survival instead. Arivor seems doomed, and it's up to you and your heroes to save what can be saved!

This 5th edition adventure is designed for more experienced heroes and offers detailed descriptions of the city of Arivor before, during and after the disaster. The volume gives you everything you need to design locations, history, masters and dangers for your hero group and to play on this great Aventurian event. All you need is the Black Eye rulebook, and all the other information you need to experience the adventure, such as value boxes, maps, and plans, is included in the adventure.

A TDE group adventure for 3-5 heroes determined to survive.
Genre: Disaster Scenario
Prerequisites: none
Location: Arivor, Horas Empire
Time: Rahja 1039 BF
Complexity (player/master): medium / medium
Experience of the heroes: competent to masterly
Body talents: 4/4
Social talents: 3/4
Combat: 2/4
Living History: 4/4

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