Old Gods of Appalachia RPG

Referens: MCG336
Gather round, Family.
Long before anything human roamed the Earth, the Appalachians towered tall and menacing. The mountains’ might was made a prison and tomb for beings of immeasurable malice and incomprehensible madness. A place to hold them; to keep them, perhaps forever, from dimming the light above.

But time shows no mercy, not even to mountains, and now they lay bare and worn like an old man’s spine. The walls of the prison grow thin, and those that have slumbered soundlessly for millennia begin to stir.

And they call to those who would hear them.

Old Gods of Appalachia, a roleplaying game of the Green, the Dark, and things even more ancient, comes to Kickstarter in early 2022.

You can begin your exploration of Alternate Appalachia at the Old Gods of Appalachia website. The Old Gods of Appalachia podcast is a captivating eldritch horror anthology, created by Steve Shell and Cam Collins and winner of the 2021 Discover Pods Best Overall Podcast and Best Audio Drama or Fiction Podcast awards.
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