1830: Railways & Robber Barons

Antal spelare: 2 - 6
Speltid: 360 minuter
Rekomenderad ålder: från 12 år
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Referens: LK1830
Klassiskt tågspel ursprungligen utgiven av Avalon Hill i en ny reviderad utgåva.

is one of the most famous 18xx games. One of the things some gamers like about this game is that the game has no "chance" element. That is to say, if players wished to play two games with the same moves, the outcome would be the same also. This game takes the basic mechanics from Tresham's 1829, and adds several new elements. Players are seeking to make the most money by buying and selling stock in various share companies located on the Eastern United States map. The stock manipulation aspect of the game is widely-regarded as one of the best. The board itself is actually a fairly abstract hexagonal system, with track tiles placed on top of the hexes. Plus, each 18xx title adds new and different elements to the game. This game features private rail companies and a vicious "robber baron" oriented stock market. A game is finished when the bank runs out of money or one player is forced to declare bankruptcy, and the player with the greatest personal holdings wins. The new edition features a lot of details, which help players during the game, e.g., cards now have a consistent front and reverse, no longer depicting different types of locomotives. Other minor changes grant an excellent gaming experience.

1 game board, 8 company owner sheets (on thick paper), 120 cards, 85 hex tiles, 34 round markers, 8 square markers, approx. 160 notes of playing money & 1 rule book
775 kr
31 i butiken

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