Kingdom Legacy: Adventures

Antal spelare: 1
Speltid: 480 minuter
Rekommenderad ålder: från 14 år
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Referens: FRY1023-Adv

This is an expansion for Kingdom Legacy: Feudal Kingdom.

It offers 3 rounds of play, and 29 new cards to explore by embarking on adventures. It will take at least 10 rounds to explore all of them, so the contents of this expansion will overlap with future expansions played, so it is recommended to play this as one of your first 5 expansions.

To play, you need to perform a purge 10 and purge 1 permanent card.

The stories seem too fantastic to be true; giant sea

monsters, sirens leading sailors astray, dragons and

princesses, holy relics needing to be found, and all are

pressing matters. The quests and adventures pile up as a

large smorgasbord in front of you, how could you decide

which one is best for your kingdom? Maybe you need to

summon your wizard advisor and his lovely assistant?

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