Colt Express: Couriers & Armored Train

Antal spelare: 3 - 8
Speltid: 50 minuter
Rekommenderad ålder: från 10 år
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Expansion till Colt Express.

When the train of Colt Express meets the Union Pacific which carries precious top secret documents, our famous bandits don’t hesitate for a second… They jump from train to train and play as a team to rob them all. But beware, the Couriers roam and the Gatling guns on the roof do not bode well.

This new expansion for Colt Express has a lot of new features! A second 3D train with special cars, Gatling guns on the roof, 2 new bandits with their new powers, a double team mode with or without betrayal, and an AI Bandit to allow you to play even when you are in odd numbers. But above all, it brings so much fun!
389 kr
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