American Pandemic

Antal spelare: 2 - 10
Speltid: 30 minuter
Rekommenderad ålder: från 13 år
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Tillverkare: Jack Haul LLC
Referens: APTPCG-STD-01
American Pandemic is a hilarious party card game of survival when ordinary U.S. citizens face too much free time during quarantine.

Play as American neighbors competing for the most bad luck as a pandemic suddenly sends everyone into lockdown when the U.S. declares a national state of emergency.

Players must hoard and steal stereotypical American essentials from each other, overcome the endless awkward quarantine scenarios created from 2020 memes, and stop the impending world disasters by using the rarest, most valuable commodity of the pandemic… Toilet Paper.

Just like Americans competing over the worst 2020 story, players compete for bad luck points. Every round a Headline card is revealed as a new crisis strikes the American public. Each headline builds on the last - creating more and more bad luck for everyone. The only way to stop them… toilet paper, of course. Player turns are comprised of three phases: Escape, Hoard, and Quarantine.

Players begin their turns by drawing from the Escape Draw Pile to “escape” the active Headline cards.
Players next must hoard as much as they can by drawing from the Hoard Draw Pile. Hoard cards include all the stereotypical American essentials needed to survive like toilet paper, frozen dinners, cbd gummies, essential oils, coffee, chocolate, wine, gloves, tv, computers, puppies, guns, masks, and much more. Finally, players end their turn as they are forced into quarantine by drawing from the Quarantine Draw Pile. Inspired by the countless 2020 memes, players read out-loud the embarrassing and awkward scenarios while their opponents enjoy a good laugh at their expense.

Throughout the game, bad Luck is stored in a player’s Crazy Stash or Sick Stash. The Crazy Stash represents a player’s declining mental state while the Sick stash represents their failing health. The player with the most bad luck points at the end of the game wins.
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