Go7Gaming Insert for Arcadia Quest: Inferno (AQIBASE-001)

Our storage solution for Arcadia Quest: Inferno base game provides storage for minis, jumbo cards, large cards, small cards, tokens, and map tiles in eight custom trays.  This solution is designed to be placed in a base game box.

This solution provides storage for all base game components.  If you own the add-on plastic tokens, in addition to the cardboard tokens, you will be able to store one or the other, but not both.

This storage solution provides:

  • 5 dedicated storage compartments for larger minis in the base insert
  • storage area for map tiles (room for one extra), campaign pad, spawn board
  • large card storage in the base insert
  • small card storage tray + small card storage tray built into the base insert (two total)
  • jumbo card storage tray
  • large railed mini storage tray (store 20 minis)
  • small mini storage tray (stores 10 minis)
  • dice storage tray (stores 24 dice)
  • small token tray (guild, exploration, and portal tokens)
  • large token tray (coins, wound, death, damnation tokens + mini bases

This solution provides free space at the top for game manuals and player boards.

Note: this solution and AQIPETS-001 are the only two solutions in the line that provide map tile storage.  Together, they provide storage for all map tiles in the game, including add-ons and expansions.  If you own extra map tiles, you will need to store them elsewhere.

Note: this solution and AQIPETS-001 are the only two solutions in the line that provide small and large card storage trays.  Together, they provide ample storage for the small and large cards in the game.

What Do You Need?

AQI is a big game and it has tons of content.  We have provided the guidelines below to help you decide which storage solutions will best serve your needs:

  • If you own just the base game, you should purchase 1x AQIBASE-001.
  • If you own the base game and all expansions and Kickstarter content, you should purchase 1x AQIBASE-001, 1x AQIPETS-001, 1x AQIHELL-001, and 2x AQIDRAG-001 inserts.
  • Beyond the two choices above, consider that the AQIBASE-001 handles the base game.  The AQIPETS-001 handles the Pets expansions.  The AQIDRAG-001 handles two dragons, so you will typically need two if you have all the dragons. If you backed the Kickstarter and have the Hell box, you will need the mini storage provided by our AQIHELL-001 insert.  Also, consider that large and small card storage is provided in the AQIBASE-001 and AQIPETS-001 inserts.  Jumbo card storage is provided in the AQIBASE-001 and AQIHELL-001.  Pets storage is provided in our AQIPETS-001 insert.  The AQIPETS-001 and AQIHELL-001 inserts have unused minis slots to account for add-ons and Kickstarter extras.  This collections of insert together provides storage for everything released in the Kickstarter.  Dragon token storage is provided in our AQIHELL-001 (the only place we could find room).  You can also just store them in baggies in the AQIDRAG-001 solution.

Product Notes

  • This insert can store sleeved / unsleeved small and large cards.
  • This insert can store sleeved / unsleeved jumbo cards (maximum sleeved size = 124mm x 76.5mm).
  • This insert is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Insert assembly requires some wood glue and about 60 minutes of assembly time. I recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This product is not officially licensed.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.
775 kr
2 i butiken

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