Boardgame Playmat - Large 3,5' x 5,5' (~107 x 168 cm) - Blue (Skrymmande)

Spelmatta i neopren för t ex brädspel, väska ingår.

Spelmattan är ca 106,4 x 167,3 cm (3,5' x 5,5') och 5 mm tjock.

Are you looking for something that will provide a great gaming experience on the go? Or, perhaps you’re looking to elevate your gaming experience at home?

The Board Game Playmat is a premium play surface designed with the help of over a thousand gamers who participated in surveys and provided insightful feedback.

You might be wondering why we’re offering a gaming mat when we sell awesome tables. And that’s a great question we asked ourselves too. So we used it, like we do for everything we make.

For the nights when you just want to play a short game or go to a friend’s home where they don’t have a game table (sad but true reality), the convenience of having a gaming playmat that can easily roll out and pack back into its carrying case without hassle just might be life-changing. We know it has been for us.

The Board Game Playmat makes every gaming experience feel special.

Every Playmat will come with a carrying case specifically designed for it.

We want it to go with you to a friend's house, a community game night, a con, or a weekend getaway.

We’re always a little skeptical of "gift-with-purchase" items companies use to increase interest, so we made sure this won’t be just a cheap add-on. The quality of the case matches the thoughtfully designed and produced gaming playmat. The Board Game Playmat easily slides into the case and the adjustable straps make it comfortable to carry. We bet you'll end up using it even more than you think!

After surveying thousands of gamers, we’ve come up with three great sizes.

The Small - 2,5 x 4 ft (75 x 120 cm)

The Medium - 3 x 5 ft (91 x 152 cm)

The Large - 3.5 x 5.5 ft (107 x 168 cm)

These three sizes will fit on almost all tables, meaning that you’ll most likely be able to use it at home or anywhere you go.

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