Broken Token Untold Journeys Shadowed Path Expansion Upgrade

You have no memory of this place; darkened caverns, solemn dungeons, ancient evils. Illuminate the darkness with this organizer upgrade to support the Shadowed Paths expansion for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth combined with our Untold Journeys Organizer (ORG117 sold separately). This add-on includes three new, removable trays. An additional map tile tray, featuring a foreboding figurehead, holds all the new map tiles. You shall not pass up the custom fit Balrog miniature tray and terrain tray which holds the new terrain tokens, a designated place for terrain cards, and room for more. This add-on must be combined with the Untold Journeys Organizer in order to store all the components and will add 40 mm of lid lift. The add-on can be stored in the expansion box, but does not fill the box. Future add-ons will fill that space, so you might want to hold on to both boxes if you're opposed to lid lift.
170 kr
2 i butiken

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