Minimoto clan: Hoshi Odamu

Figur(er) till Bushido.Tillverkarens Hemsida.

Referens: GCTBMC018

Odamu is typical of the Hoshi family. Their ways are old, uncorrupted by what others deem new or modern. Visiting them is to journey back in time regarding speech, manners, food, and attire. Hoshi Odamu is no exception. He wears armour most newer samurai have never even seen! However, his close relationship and proximity to the Minimoto clan ensures his blades and garb are still the most exemplary in Jwar. Because he has the blessings of the Bear Mon, he is at home fighting alongside his Minimoto allies. He has, over some time, developed a deep and heartfelt affinity for the great bears that call this place home. He feels it almost spiritually, a meeting of minds when both bear and Odamu are near one another. He cannot speak their tongue but has connection enough to lead these ferocious beasts into battle. He likes the wilds and spending time with the bears, following them into areas so cold and remote that another person would perish in moments. Not so Odamu; Hoshi's blood warms his veins, and the Hoshi are famed for enduring extreme cold and foul weather.

Finest Steel players will welcome this new samurai. Odamu is a challenging prospect on the field. Not only does he have a high number of Wound Boxes - as well as Armour 4 - but he punishes any would-be aggressors with Held, and often also Slow. But this is where it gets interesting: he also deals damage in return when wounded! With Armour (4) and the ubiquitous Just a Scratch card, this often deals more damage than Odamu takes!

Blister contains one miniature, 30mm base and full colour profile card.

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