Wraith, The Oblivion: WOD, Tokyo (Begagnad)

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Welcome to the Invisible City ...
But clearly, you can see what mortals cannot, for you are one of Japan's shen -- and your kind thrives in this neon labyrinth. If you wish to meet Tokyo's Restless Dead, you can, but beware the Jade Emperor's troops. Kuei-jin and Kindred circulate here as well, but take care whom you choose as friends -- for you shall make powerful enemies, too. Changelings and Garou? They are here also, but meddle in their affairs at your peril. You say their whims don't concern you? You will soon learn, my friend, that in the Middle Kingdom, there is no middle ground.

We Trust You'll Enjoy Your Stay
From Yu Huang's minions to Western opportunists, from hengeyokai to hsien, all of Tokyo's supernatural residents are here, waiting to share their wisdom -- and their appetites -- with you. World of Darkness: Tokyo also contains a city guide, a history of Middle Kingdom Tokyo, and everything else you need to set a game in this mysterious metropolis. The lights of the Roppongi beckon. Will you heed them?

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