Freezing Death: Finnish Winter War

Antal spelare: 2
Speltid: 90 minuter
Rekommenderad ålder: från 12 år
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Referens: LLW1902000
An accessible card-driven wargame for 2 players, a battle for the fate of Finland. The game contains 55 uniquely illustrated cards, each with a genuine photograph taken during the war. Like in 1918: Brother Against Brother, we took every opportunity to faithfully depict the events of the war while still balancing the gameplay. We believe that we have achieved that, while still providing the players with challenge and excitement as they battle for the fate of Finland. Freezing Death - Finnish Winter War (or Jäinen Kuolema in Finnish) comes with a fully mounted gameboard depicting the map of Finland as it stood in the mid 30s, with 74 counters, the aforementioned 55 cards, as well as 8 six-sided dice and reference materials. All the components are of high quality, both visually and physically, and the game will be made by the same manufacturer that made 1918. The game is fully bilingual, in English and Finnish. The game also includes the historical booklet, a short six-page introduction into the causes, participants (and their motivations), and impact of the war.

• Mounted game board
• 74 counters
• 55 cards in English and 55 cards in Finnish
• Rules booklets in English and Finnish
• Historical background booklet
• Eight 6-sided dice
625 kr
2 i butiken

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