Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar (1st print) (Begagnad)

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Skick: Mint
Antal spelare: 1 - 4
Speltid: 360 minuter
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Referens: GMT1514-MT

Falling Sky : The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar (formerly Gallic War) takes 1 to 4 players into the military actions and complex politics of Roman-occupied but not-yet-conquered Gaul. Caesar and his hard-hitting legions cannot be everywhere and will not triumph without powerful allies among local tribes. But each Gallic confederation has its own agenda and must keep its eyes not only on the Romans but also on Celtic, Belgic, and Germanic rivals. Players recruit forces, rally allies, husband resources for war, and balance dispersed action with the effectiveness and risk of concentrated battle.

Leveraging GMT's popular COIN Series system to integrate historical events with wide-ranging strategic options across the game board, Falling Sky provides accessible and deep historical gaming of war, politics, and diplomacy. A full solitaire system enables solo players to test their skill against an array of game-run factions, each unique. From Britannia to the Rhenus and down to Provincia, armies are on the move. Who shall finally subdue Gaul?
• A 17”x22” mounted board.
• A deck of 77 playing cards.
• 200 wooden pieces—
o 3 15mm dia. X 20mm high cylinders (embossed)
o 8 15mm dia. X 10mm high cylinders (embossed)
o 38 15mm dia. X 4mm high discs
o 115 10mm X 10mm octagonal cylinders (embossed)
o 12 10mm cubes
o 12 15mm x 15mm X 8mm blocks
o 12 small pawns.
• 5 5x7” Available Forces displays.
• 4 Faction player aid foldouts.
• 2 Non-Player foldouts.
• 2 Sequence of Play and Germanic Tribes sheets.
• 1 Battle and Non-Player Instructions foldout.
• A sheet of markers.
• 4 plastic 6-sided dice.
• Play book.
• Rule book.

Players: 1-4 (full solitaire system)

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