Epic Legacy: Tome of Titans Vol. 1 (5E)

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Behind every great 5th Edition campaign lies a great antagonist. The Epic Legacy Tome of Titans: Volume 1 exists so your table — whether you’re playing standard or Epic-level 5E — will never be without the most iconic, powerful, and challenging enemies from fiction, mythology, and RPG lore. Asmodeus, Cthulhu, and the Angel of Death are among these deadly foes we call titans, guaranteed to be the mightiest monsters your players will ever face.


  • 22 titans for both standard 5E and Epic-level play, featuring 2CGaming’s legendary monster design
  • Stats, tactics, encounter ideas, personality traits, lore, and treasure for every titan in the book
  • 2CGaming’s unique monster classification system to create the most seamless (and deadly) encounters possible
  • Exploration, social, and combat encounter ideas for each titan to up the stakes, no matter your party’s skill level
  • Advice on running Titanic creatures— 2CGaming’s colossal, multi-part foes
  • More than 20 unique magic items complete with stats
  • New spells, Epic organizations, and creature templates
  • New subclass features, including an original legendary druid circle, the Circle of the Ancients
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