Pro Acryl Expansion Set #2 - Transparents

9x 22ml bottles

Referens: MPA-SET-002
The second expansion to our Pro Acryl paint line! This set includes 8 new transparent colors with the same, amazing Pro Acryl quality. These paints are a game-changer! Simply put, they are our same great acrylics, just with an inherent transparency to them right out of the bottle. They allow the colors underneath to show though and can be used to filter a new color over your base coats, or accentuate a base color with more vibrancy. The magic is in how pigment rich they are, while still maintaining a variable opacity. They can be mixed with each other, as well as any other acrylic paints to achieve just about any color you'd like. Even mix them with our Metallic Medium to get awesome metallic colors. So many uses, you'll enjoy just playing with them to see what new effects you can create!

22ml bottles

Colors include:


ATTENTION: Due to the long storage at customs, the outer packaging / cardboard box of the sets may be affected. We apologize for this fact. The contents of the sets have been checked and are undamaged. Damage to the packaging / cardboard box of the sets therefore does not represent a defect in the product itself!
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