Meeple Realty Root Forest Expansion Organizer

Referens: MPR-1184B

Note: The expansion organizer requires one of the expansion boxes, either the Clockwork or the Underworld, for storing the organizer inside them. It also comes with 2 trays that need to be stored in the base game box.

The product is compatible with the following games:

Root: The Clockwork Expansion

Root: The Underworld Expansion

Root: The Exiles and Partisans Deck

Root: Vagabond Pack


The key features of this product are:

Uniquely designed tray that fit with the theme of the game, i.e., Burrow tray.

The Clearing tray is used to secure the Resin Clearings.

Updated Token tray can now be used to store Vagabond’s starting items.

The card tray can accommodate sleeved cards.

The game can be stored vertically with the wooden insert and the components will not lose their place.

Designed for faster setup, and the trays can be used directly during game play.

This is an officially licensed product by Leder Games. 

425 kr
Ej i lager

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