Slaves to Darkness Darkoath Army Set

Referens: 83-92
Embrace Chaos and swear binding oaths to the Ruinous Powers with the Darkoath Army Set, launching a new wave of mortal followers of the Dark Gods. These aggressive warriors show no quarter and fight as lightly equipped marauders, trusting in well-honed combat skills and the blessings they beseech to carry them through the day with their honour intact.

The Army Set comes with 20 Darkoath Marauders with a wide assortment of heads and body types, five Darkoath Fellriders, one Chieftain on Warsteed, and one ferocious Wilderfiend twisted by the powers of their malevolent patrons. The box also includes a full set of warscroll cards and tokens, plus Battletome Supplement: Darkoath – an expansion for Battletome: Slaves to Darkness that includes all the lore and pitched battle profiles you need to field this force in battle.
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