Go7Gaming Insert for Imperial Assault: Twin Shadows/Bespin Gambit

This insert provides structured storage for your Imperial Assault map tiles and is designed to be placed inside a Twin Shadows or Bespin Gambit expansion box.  The insert includes one removable tray. This insert was designed to stand alone, but it is a direct complement to our IMPERIAL-001IMPERIAL-003, and IMPERIAL-004 inserts.

Imperial Assault now has a large collection of map tiles.  This insert will store your map tiles in a more organized fashion.  The three compartments and one tray within this insert will allow you to separate your large map tiles from your smaller map tiles.

This design does not allow the box to fully close.  The top is very stable with the insert placed in the box and overlaps the bottom of the box substantially, but we needed more room to provide useful map tile storage and up was the only direction we could go!

What Do You Need?

Imperial Assault has a ton of expansions and we continue to suport the game and expansions. When new content is released, we assess the storage needs and provide information about how the new content fits into the existing storage solutions we provide. In cases of big box releases, we typically design a dedicated storage solution for the new box.

Wave 10 Update

See our recommendation below, however,  I will note that Wave 10 will fit into your existing IMP-004 (without the need to purchase another and assuming you already have a full set of our inserts), if you don't mind storing your AT-DP disassembled with your Rancor.  You will also need to store the new tokens somewhere non-standard.  There is not much room left and it is not optimal, but it can be done.  You will likely need a new IMP-004 insert starting with Wave 11.

General Recommendations

  • If you own one of everything (base game, expansions, and small expansion figures), you need: 1x IMP-001, 2x IMP-002, 1x IMP-003, 2x IMP-004. Purchasing the listed solutions will leave you with almost an entire IMP-004 empty, leaving plenty of room for future wave expansion through some point in 2018. You may optionally want to grab an IMP-DIV-001 as well. The IMP-DIV-001 provides additional dividers for the IMP-001 to allow groups of cards (Imperial, Hero, Item, and Deployment) to be further divided.
  • If you own just the base game, grab 1x IMP-001.

Storage Solutions for Imperial Assault

  • IMP-001 - this solution is designed to store the base game.
  • IMP-002 - this solution is designed to fit into the smaller boxes used by Twin Shadows and Bespin Gambit and provides game tile storage only. If you have all content, you need two of these.
  • IMP-003 - this solution is designed to store the content from Return to Hoth and wave 5+ small expansion figures. Only this solution provides a dedicated tray to store the large hero sheets.
  • IMP-004 - this solution is designed to store the content from Jabba's Realm and the small expansion minis from wave 8+. This insert was initially designed for Jabba and includes storage for the Rancor, but has been enhanced to allow it to be used with Heart of the Empire. The main change in all IMP-004's sold now is that you have the option of building one of two different token tray designs (one for Jabba tokens and one for Heart tokens). Only IMP-004 solutions purchased after October 21, 2017 contain the two token tray options.
  • IMP-DIV-001 -this divider kit provides additional etched dividers usable across this line of inserts for those inclined to divide their class and item card group as efficiently as possible.

Imperial Assault Box Sizes

Across the Imperial Assault game and expansions, there are three unique box sizes:
  • small - Twins Shadows and Bespin Gambit.  We produce the IMP-002 insert for this size box and it provides map tile storage only.
  • medium - Return to Hoth, Jabba's Realm, Heart of the Empire.  These boxes are all the same size, however, Jabba and Heart each contain a very large mini that requires an insert that is taller than the box, causing lid lift.  Therefore, for this box size we recommend IMP-003 for Return to Hoth and the IMP-004 for Jabba and Heart.
  • large - base game.  Our IMP-001 is designed for this box.

Product Notes

  • This kit includes one (1) removable tray and an insert for use in the Twin Shadows expansion box.  This insert will not allow your box top to close fully.
  • This upgrade kit is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Upgrade kit assembly requires some wood glue and about 20 minutes of assembly time.
  • This product is not officially licensed.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.
260 kr
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