Go7Gaming Insert for Eldritch Horror

Our storage solution for Eldritch Horror includes nine (9) removable trays and is intended to be placed inside the publisher game box (core or any of the large expansion boxes – MOM, UTP, DREAM).  This solution will store all tiles, tokens, and many cards from the base game and all expansions (as of January 23, 2017), but you will also need an EH-002 (and possibly 2x EH-002s) to handle the rest of the cards depending upon how many dividers you use.

As you can see from the images (images include all expansions up to, but not including Dreamlands), the current solutions (EH-001 + EH-002) have room for 2+ more expansions before more tile or investigator card storage is needed.  EH-002 inserts can be added, as needed, to store more card and tokens.

This storage solution provides:

  • one (1) removable large card storage tray w/12 dividers (sleeved/unsleeved)
  • one (1) removable small card storage tray w/10 dividers (sleeved/unsleeved)
  • one (1) removable spare storage tray (plastic bases and more can be stored here)
  • one (1) removable round token storage tray (clue, eldritch, improvement tokens, etc.)
  • one (1) removable monster tile storage tray (normal and epic)
  • one (1) removable token storage tray (dice, doom, omen, tickets, etc.)
  • one (1) removable investigator/gate tile storage tray
  • one (1) removable investigator/ancient one card storage tray (unsleeved only)
  • one (1) removable health/sanity storage tray

This solution provides 2mm of free space at the top for game manuals.  This solution allows the core game board to be stored on top and is stable, but it will contribute about .5″ of lid lift.   We keep our game boards in an empty UTP expansion box.

What Do You Need?

You will note all images illustrate the game stored without using sleeves.  Sleeves can decrease your storage capacity by up to 50% in some cases, based on sleeve thickness.  See product notes below for more information.
  • If you own just the base game, you need 1x EH-001.  You can store your game board on top and it is stable, but it will contribute about .5" of lid lift.
  • If you own the base game and all expansions, you need 1x EH-001 and 1x  EH-002 (2x EH-002 if you sleeve and own everything through Masks of Nyarlathotep).  Note: the character card tray is a bit overfilled at this point with the Nyarlathotep character cards (about a millimeter higher than the top of the tray).  This does not affect the lid closing and does not produce lid lift, but we will be providing a new design when the next expansion is released with character cards (after Nyarlathotep) to provide additional character card storage and more.  This new design will not be produced until the next expansion after Nyarlathotep is released.
  • If you own the base game, at least one expansion, but not all of the expansions, you need the EH-001 and may need 1x EH-002 as well depending on sleeve thickness and number of dividers used.
  • Extra dividers are available here: EH-DIV-001
  • In general, you should store your boards in an empty, large box.

Product Notes

  • This solution provides nine (9) removable trays.
  • This insert can store sleeved / unsleeved small/large cards.  This solution does not allow sleeved investigator/ancient one cards.
  • Large Cards: This insert has 279mm of large card lane storage. It can store ~996 unsleeved cards or ~558 FFG sleeved cards (.50mm per card). Keep in mind each divider will also use 3mm of card lane space. The values used for the card thickness estimate = .28mm.
  • Small Cards: This insert has 174mm of small card lane storage. It can store ~600 unsleeved cards or ~355 FFG sleeved cards (yellows) (.49mm per card).  Keep in mind each divider will also use 3mm of card lane space. The values used for the card thickness estimate = .29mm.
  • This insert is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Insert assembly requires some wood glue and about 60 minutes of assembly time. I recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This insert kit weighs > 5 pounds, so it must be shipped USPS Priority Mail outside of Canada and the United States.
  • This product is not officially licensed.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.
675 kr
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