Go7Gaming Insert for Gloomhaven

Brädspelsinlägg till Gloomhaven.

Our Gloomhaven storage solution includes support for all editions of this wonderful game and full support for Forgotten Circles components.  This storage solution includes thirty (30) trays.  All fourteen pounds of this kit will arrive on your doorstep, ready to be assembled filled in order to provide an amazing storage solution for your game!

Our design philosophy for this custom storage solution for Gloomhaven differs from the approach taken by others. While it did increase the cost of the solution over competing options, we engineered the storage solution that we felt the game deserved.

As you know, Gloomhaven includes many small, thin cardboard boxes.  These are an amazing touch for an amazing game and are required given how the game exposes more options as you progress; however, if you are willing to spend additional money to buy a storage solution for what is arguably one of the most unique games of the decade, why settle for a wood tray that simply holds cardboard boxes that will wear out over time and through continued use?

This kit includes eighteen (18) character storage trays with lids that store each individual character’s cards, tokens, minis, and character boards.  The lid has a small cutout to display the character class symbol.  These trays are designed to allow you to store your active cards sleeved, but unused cards are intended to be stored unsleeved.  With that said, some of the character classes will allow all cards to be sleeved and stored safely in the trays. There is also room to fold your character sheet and place it in the tray as well.

Note: The Gloomhaven second edition+ minis have wildly varying base sizes, unlike the first edition mini bases, which are all very uniform based on our copies and reports we have received.  Some of the second edition mini bases match the sizes of the first edition and some don’t.  There is no rhyme or reason.  This anomaly appears to be a quality issue.

To account for this, each character tray has two mini cutouts to account for the uniform 25mm base size from first edition and a larger cutout to account for second edition variances.  If you have the larger second edition minis, our tray bottoms are designed to allow the base to pass through up to 2mm so that your tray lid will close.  The tray lids also have a small cutout to allow for this pass through from other trays.  This allows the trays to stack together for storage and allow for the larger second edition bases.

This solution features extensive etching across the various trays to speed your setup and play of the game.  This includes the monster trays, the terrain trays, the status tray, the token trays, etc.  We have etched pretty much everything in this beauty.  If you’ve had the chance to play Gloomhaven, you know how time consuming it can be to try and find that one monster or that specific terrain tile.  Now you don’t need to struggle!

In addition to the large amount of etching included to simplify and speed game setup, we have provided lids with many of the trays in this solution.  These lids have been designed with multiple contact points to ensure they are simple to operate and yet stay closed under normal handling.  No need to worry if your tokens are staying put when transporting your game box.

Our large card tray includes etched dividers for each card type and supports sleeved cards.

Our small card tray includes etched dividers for the various card categories.  Due to space constraints, we provide three alphabetically etched dividers for monsters (A-F, G-M, N-Z), so you will need to group your cards together, but it is still very fast to find the card set you need.

Note: this solution does require that you open each character box and character mini box to load the character boxes we provide.  Therefore, you will obviously get a glimpse of each mini (and the weakest willed among us might even peek at the cards).  If this is a problem, you should consider having a non-Gloomhaven player/spouse/friend fill the character trays for you.

This storage solution provides:

    • Large card tray with etched dividers that stores sleeved or unsleeved cards
    • Small card tray with etched dividers that stores sleeved or unsleeved cards
    • Eighteen (18) character class storage boxes with lids to store your character cards, character ability cards, character boards, standees, minis, and tokens
    • Three (3) monster storage trays with monster name etching to allow you to quickly find the monsters you need
    • Etched status token tray with lid for your status tokens with Forgotten Circles support
    • Etched token tray and lid for your coins, wounds, and more
    • Etched monster stand tray with lid
    • Etched summon token tray for summon tokens, tracker tokens
    • Two (2) etched terrain storage trays with space to also store bosses
    • Etched tray to store monster stat sheets and sleeves.

This solution does not include our GH-002 top tray.  The optional top tray creates ~20mm of lid lift.

This solution was designed to store your map tiles, manuals, map board, player counters, and stickers on top of the trays stored inside the box, which will fill your box to the top. If you feel like a top tray is something that your copy of Gloomhaven needs, have a look at our GH-002 top tray.

Rift tokens should be stored in the character box with the Aesther Diviner.

You will not be able to store ~4 standee bases in the standee tray.  We suggest you store these in a baggie and use them during setup or just baggie them and keep them with your map tiles.  You may not need them ever.

Product Notes

  • This insert can store sleeved / unsleeved small and large cards (FFG sleeves, etc.). The oversized monster cards can’t be stored in this solution if sleeved.
  • This insert is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Insert assembly requires some wood glue and about 200 minutes of assembly time. I recommend Sobo Craft glue or another comparable quick setting, tacky glue.
  • This product is not officially licensed.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.

Version Notes

  • v1 – Released Dec 2017, includes 29 trays
  • v2 – Released May 11, 2019, includes 30 trays with support added for Forgotten Circles expansion.
1795 kr

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