World of Darkness: Reliquary

Referens: WW55203
There are things in the world that no laws account for - things that bestow blessings no man remembers or curses for slights long past. But the things, they do not forget. They wait for the right hand to fall upon them, the right eyes to see their glory, the right heart to recognize their power.
A gameplay expansion book for the World of Darkness
A detailed exploration of the relics - unique magical items usable in any World of Darkness chronicle - and how to incorporate them into your game.
Includes ready-to-use relics, from the perplexing to the uber-powerful, ready to be included in any World of Darkness chronicle. Each comes complete with detailed background and storytelling hints.
Offers several variations of toolkit for creating customized relics and cursed items that can be used by any World of Darkness character.
Details dozens of new Powers for modifying the ready-to-use relics or building your own.
Contains new Merits related to researching, creating or using relics.
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