Savage Wave: Foon Gus

Figur(er) till Bushido.Tillverkarens Hemsida.

Referens: GCTBSW037
Bakemono are plentiful and expendable, and it’s The Gardener’s role to enhance these chittering beasts into furious war machines that go berserk in battle, seeing everything through a fungus-infused red mist. Mushrooms and Bakemono go claw in claw. Deep within the earth’s bowels, The Gardener, over countless years - and countless bakemono - has perfected the ratio of Red Claws to feed a bakemono that will result in the savagery of Foon Gus and not the usual tongue-extending death.

Foon Gus is so vile that even his bakemono brethren give him a wide berth, which is appropriate as he does not play well with others. Only through his sheer anger and Red Claw-fueled strength and savagery and what he does to their foes is he tolerated at all.

Like all bakemono, Foon Gus is cheap enough in Rice to be expendable; he can do some real damage while he’s around. In particular, he can be a great finishing model, charging into an exhausted, outnumbered enemy model. With the charge bonus to damage (Remember the Banzai! Trait!) and Strong, he can be a model to put the final boot into an enemy and kill them after some setup.

Blister contains one miniature supplied with a 30mm base and full colour profile card.
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