Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Storytellers Handbook (Revised, Hardback) (Begagnad)

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Referens: WW3804-VF

Songs of the End Times

From the secrets of the highest-ranking elders to the cryptic lore of the Triat; from the blasphemous libraries of the Black Spiral Dancers to the hidden wisdom of animals--the world of Werewolf is full of concealed lore. Now this lore is about to be revealed--but only to the one person with the responsibility to use it wisely.

Tales of the Last Generation

There are a lot of things for a Werewolf Storyteller to keep track of; the denizens of the material world and the spirit world alike, the politics of the tribes, the plots of antagonists and much more. The Werewolf Storytellers Handbook makes the Storyteller's job that much easier. The information inside is designed to help the Storyteller create chronicles from the very beginning, devise new stories that keep the players entertained and introduce plot twists and world secrets to keep the players guessing.

Werewolf Storytellers Handbook contains:

- Expanded systems for Renown, Rank, rites, senses and other facets of Garou life

- Expanded information on Garou society, culture, intrigue, spirit allies, antagonists, physiology and even an FAQ

- Detailed advice on chronicle creation, alternate history chronicles, crossovers with other World of Darkness games and more

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