Laserox Insert for Gloomhaven

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Referens: LGB-GloomBox

Gloomhaven™ is a huge box itself with lots of components. We wanted to offer a solution which makes the adventures which you live through in Gloomhaven much easier and smoother. Sorting and storing all the cards and tokens you need for your gameplay with a reduced set up and cleaning time. This insert is fitted for the Gloomhaven™ board game and the lid closes perfectly. 

The GloomBox features some unique features to make this possible:

- compatibility with 1st and 2nd edition

- 3 boxes with lids for all the map hexes, traps, obstacles and treasures featuring an indication on the side to know which box you are going to take out

- a double layer box for all the monster tokens

- a roomy double layer box for all the monster cards, standees and various tokens

- a unique box for the coins and tiny tokens (you can shake as you like and still everything will stay at its place)

- fits FFG sleeved cards (including four active player decks)

- adjustable card separators (included), middle divider is also optional

- a small engraved guide how to fit all the map pieces into the game box

All boxes were made in a way, that they hold everything in place, even if you store the box on its side, upside down or if you shake it.

Assembly time takes about 1 hour.

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